M-Calibur: The ceramic power turbo for your angle grinder.

Synchronised high performance.
We do not see accessories as accessories, but as 'Power Turbos' for the machine - for combined high performance. Best example for this: the new M-Calibur cutting and grinding discs. They are not only the ones with the highest material removal, but they also have the highest service life on the market. 250 % faster material removal, 250 % longer service life means for you: maximised working progress with lower disc and labour costs. Make a professional comparison and you will completely thrilled!

Unequalled cost savings: M-Calibur cutting and grinding discs.

  • Extreme reduction in labour costs:  up to 250 % faster material removal with grinding discs and significantly faster cutting progress with cutting discs than standard high performance discs on the market

  • Significantly reduced costs for discs:  250 % more overall cutting output and up to 250 % more cuts per cutting disc than other high-performance discs

  • Wide range of applications: special ceramic grinding media technology and Metabo specific bonding techniques ensure highest productivity for all steel and stainless steel applications

  • Extremely safe: Requirements of all relevant safety standards (EN 12413; OSA) are exceeded

  • Decades of know-how: The disc concept was created on the basis of decades of experience in manufacturing and development as well as latest research results

  • Even more systemised power: Perfect with the new 1,700 Watt angle grinders, as well as all other powerful angle grinders

Latest disc technology: For durable sharpness.

The secret of permanently sharp edges: Fine aluminium oxide crystals are bonded in the ceramic grain by virtue of a sintering process. During the grinding process they break and new, sharp edges are created. The grain itself adheres perfectly thanks to a special, newly developed process technology. This means reliable, full power till the end!

Even more systemised productivity:

Greatest system productivity compared to the competition

High performance system: Further professional accessories.

Reliable solutions.
From cutting disc to grinding guard: Our accessories are optimally adjusted to the machines. There are also reliable solutions for special applications: Get to know better other 'Power Turbos' from our wide comprehensive range.

New durable miracle: Flexiarapid Super cutting disc with HydroResist formula.
Resin-bonded grinding discs age and lose performance in the course of time - even if they are not used. The newly developed HydroResist formula counteracts this process and sustainably ensures the performance of the discs.

  • More endurance: increases the service life of the disc - even with high atmospheric humidity

  • Less replacement costs: 10 % more cuts (per disc) by virtue of newly developed formula for optimised connection of grain and bonding agent.

New specialists: Metabo Convex grinding discs.

  • Ideal shape: especially for grinding of fillet weld seams
  • Faster work results: thanks to the design which is ideally shaped to the fillet weld
  • Saves money: The use of ceramic grit and the high number of lamellae give the disc a particularly long service life
  • Extremely high and fast cutting output: thanks to the use of high quality ceramic grit