Metabo brand

Our brand image

  •  Day after day, professionals around the globe look to Metabo for the tools that will perform in the harshest of conditions

  • Professionals want a tool that they know will last and work as hard as they do.  They want a tool they can trust!

  •  That’s why “when it matters,” is the core theme of our international branding message.  As professional tool users around the world know… when the job is on the line and when it really matters, they want a Metabo tool to get the job done right.

Metabo receives Superbrand Award for excellent brand management

Out of more than 1250 German brands, Metabo was ranked as the 51st strongest Brand, by Suberbrands, an internationally recognized brand marketing organization.

The assessment criteria are:

  • Brand dominance

  • Customer loyalty

  • Goodwill (trust a reference group shows to a brand)

  • Long service life

  • Overall brand acceptance