Concrete & Masonry Drilling

Rotary Hammers: SDS-Plus/SDS-Max Combination, Multi-hammer, and Chipping Hammers:

Powerful tools with long service life. (1/2"-5/16" capacity)

KH 5-40

1-9/16" SDS-Max Combination Hammer

KHEV 11-52 BL

2 1/16" SDS-Max Combination Hammer

KHEV 5-40 BL

1-9/16" SDS-Max Combination Hammer


Chipping Hammer

KHEV 8-45 BL

1 3/4" SDS-Max Combination Hammer


Chipping Hammer


1" 18V SDS-Plus Combination Hammer

KHE D-26

1" SDS-Plus Combination Hammer

UHEV 2860-2 Quick

1-1/4" SDS-Plus Universal Hammer

KHE 2444

1" SDS-Plus Combination Hammer

KHE 3250

1-1/4" SDS-Plus Combination Hammer w/Rotostop

KHA 36 LTX (36V)

1-1/4" SDS-Plus Combination Hammer

KHA 36-18 LTX 32

1-1/4" (2 x 18V) SDS-Plus Combination Hammer

The ultimate do-it-all tool combining a rotary hammer, chipping hammer and a 2-speed drill! 

Metabo Hammer Drills: speed and versatility on the job site

(3/8" - 5/8" capacity) Optimized impact mechanism. Perfectly adapted to the powerful LongLife Motor with up to 59,000 impacts per minute.


1/2" Cordless Hammer Drill

SBE 850-2

1/2" Hammer Drill

SBE 650

1/2" Hammer Drill

SBEV 1000-2

1/2" Hammer Drill

DDE 14

9/16" Dust extraction accessory.

Dustless drilling up to 9/16" dia.

DDE 72

2-3/4" Dust extraction accessory

Dustless drilling up to 2-3/4" dia.

AS 18 LP HEPA - 18V Cordless HEPA Vacuum

Lightweight, compact battery vacuum cleaner for mobile use for vacuuming and vacuuming dust and shavings. Efficient motor for up to 74CFM and up to 40 min runtime.


#1 Rated Vac in the Industry reviewed by ProTool Reviews. 9 Gal / 130 CFM Auto Clean Vacuum.

#1 Vacuum in the Industry!

BEST OSHA-Compliant Dust Extractor Shootout (December 2017): ASR 35 ACP HEPA Auto Clean 130 CFM vacuum

The ASR 35 ACP HEPA vacuum meets or exceeds all regulatory standards where the HEPA vacuum is required, allowing the user to attain the highest level of dust protection on the job-site. With 130 CFM, it offers Table 1 compliance for all Metabo drilling systems: concrete cutting, grinding and milling up to 5" blade diameter.


Our exclusive filter cleaning mechanism uses a electromagnetic shaking pulse that does not stop the suction. As opposed to "reverse air-flow" cleaning systems which loses at least 50% of the air-flow during cleaning, the Metabo vacuum is always performing at its best

Concrete and Masonry Systems

Enforced September 23, 2017 (for construction), the new OHSA Respirable Silica rule requires all and any indoor and outdoor drilling, cutting, or grinding operations to be dustless...are you ready? To help keep you adapt, Metabo offers a full line of Table 1 compliant dustless tools and accessories including tools for concrete and stone surface prep as well as masonry cutting, drilling and breaking. When combined with our self cleaning HEPA vac, Metabo's solution is the most advanced integrated dustless system available.

Table 1 Compliant Systems Flyer

This guide will show you how Metabo systems can make your jobsite compliant with simple turn-key solutions. With dedicated systems for concrete grinding, cutting, tuckpointing, drilling etc., you know that you do not have to trade off between productivity, performance and safety. Metabo offers it all with no compromise. Comply today with Metabo systems!