Battery pack systems


Our ambitious goal in all of our efforts is the cordless construction site. This gives you maximum freedom whether you are driving in screws, drilling, sawing, grinding or cutting.

LiHD – a completely new dimension in technology:
Our new LiHD battery technology is another quantum leap on your path to independence from the outlet. Our battery packs are fully reconceptualized, with high-performance cells delivering up to 67 percent more power and facilitating totally new applications.

The key advantage for you: limitless compatibility! Since 2009, battery packs in each generation also fit all Metabo cordless machines in their volt class, and every Metabo charger charges all battery packs in the same size. And that's the way it's going to stay.
With Metabo, you'll be on the safe side for the future as well.

3 year battery pack warranty
This unique Ultra-M technology permits us to grant you a 3-year warranty on all Li-Ion and LiHD battery packs.

Systems with a future: The extensive 18 V battery product range from Metabo.

The future belongs to the 18 volt interface, which offers great power and an enormous range of solutions.
100% compatible, naturally.

Systems with a future: The 36 Volt battery family from Metabo