Battery pack systems


A choice for the future: Battery systems from Metabo

Choosing the right battery system is a decision that will have long-lasting effects. Battery systems from different manufacturers are not compatible with one another, and if you don't want to carry around a whole collection of batteries and charges, it is better to choose a uniform battery system right from the start. That's why so many professionals who place high demands on thier tools choose Metabo. We produce all of our electrical tools as battery-powered versions any time we can, from a technical and practical standpoint. Our battery-powered versions are powerful, innovative, and offer top quality.

Our vision - ultimate independence thanks to our innovative battery system

As a leader in battery technology, Metabo is diligently pursuing our vision of a cordless construction site, in order to make you even more independent and mobile while you work. When you choose our battery interfaces, you will be well equipped to face the challenges of the future. We continue to set new standards in battery technology through new innovations. For you, this means maximum freedom when drilling, screwing, chiseling, sawing, grinding, and cutting.

Providing limitless compatibility: Metabo battery systems

With our 100% compatibility within battery systems, you will always be on the safe side - today, and in the future! Since 2009, all Metabo battery packs, machines, and chargers in the same volt class can be flexibly combined with one another. Our powerful Metabo Ultra-M technology makes it possible. It stands for optimum compatibility and perfect communication between machines, battery packs, and chargers. This allows batteries to be charged gently and efficiently, and our patented AIR COOLED technology means they can be used again in just a short time. Energy is used optimally while you work. At the same time, our batteries also offer high endurance: a fully charged 5.2 Ah battery pack can last for more than a full day of work in many applications.

10.8 Volt class

Light and versatile: The 10.8 Volt class from Metabo

Performance and endurance in a compact housing: With our light and compact 10.8 Volt machines, you will be ready to go and perfectly equipped, even for working in hard to reach areas. In order to get the best productivity and maximum performance from these extremely compact machines, we rely on our decades of experience developing battery packs and on our powerful Ultra-M technology - even in the 10.8 Volt class. Our 10.8 Volt machines are equipped with Li-Ion battery packs, robust full metal gears and powerful motors - giving you the power you need even in tight areas. From our cordless screwdriver and cordless impact wrench to our cordless cartridge gun, mobile reciprocating saw or practical, cordless inspection lamps and handheld lamps: Relative to their size, our 10.8 Volt solutions not only deliver excellent performance, but impressive endurance as well. We offer all of our 10.8 Volt battery packs with a capacity of 2.0, 4.0 or an especially high-enduring 5.2 amps.

With Pick+Mix you can assemble your own personal set of battery packs, mobile power tools, chargers and transport solutions in the 10.8 Volt class.Three year warranty on our battery packs

Our Ultra-M technology guarantees efficient and gentle charging, optimal energy use, and extremely long service life for our battery packs. We grant users a three year warranty on all of our lithium-ion battery packs.

18 Volt class


Maximum freedom, full compatibility: The 18 Volt class from Metabo

With our powerful 18 Volt machines, you can work quickly and comfortably, even in demanding applications. We offer you an extensive product range to ensure you always have the right tool for every job: From cordless screwdrivers and impact drills with the highest available torque, brushless motors and high-performance impact mechanisms, to the widest range of cordless tools for processing stainless steel on the market, perfectly matched to suit your application.

Flexible and sustainable: The 18 Volt cordless class

With our flexible Pick+Mix system, you can select from a large number of machines, battery packs, chargers, accessories, cases and bags to assemble exactly the pieces you need for your work. That means you always have the right cordless solution on hand for any application. You'll be well-equipped for the future, too, since all Metabo cordless systems in the same volt class can be combined to work together. For example, the first current-generation battery packs, machines and chargers from 2009 are still compatible with all new products Metabo is developing today - and they will keep being compatible into the future. All 18 volt battery packs are offered with a capacity of 2.0, 4.0, or a high-endurance 5.2 amps.

With our Metabo Ultra-M technology, we offer the most powerful lithium ion battery management system available, with the longest service life in the world: A multi-functional monitoring system continuously monitors both battery pack temperature and amperage. The electronic single cell protection also ensures a long service life for the battery pack. This allows us to grant our customers a three year warranty on our battery packs with a clear conscience.

36 Volt class


For endless power: The 36 volt class from Metabo

Craftsmen want to get rid of cables, not skimp on performance - even in extreme applications. That's why Metabo offers powerful tools with 36 volt battery pack technology for demanding applications far away from any power supply. These robust 36 volt battery packs with lithium-ion technology deliver the concentrated energy you need for demanding applications in trade and industry. The tools are in no way inferior to their plug-in counterparts.

The 36 volt class: Powerful and durable

The only way to fulfill the demands professional users place on a 36 volt cordless tool is to think of it as a single unit - and to rely on the right charging technology with intelligent monitoring functions. With our Metabo Ultra-M technology, tools, battery packs, and chargers are perfectly synchronised - for more efficient and gentler charging and optimum energy use.

Our patented AIR COOLED charging technology ensures short charging times and a long service life for our battery packs. The battery packs impress users with their electronic single cell monitoring, intelligent battery management and a large number of charging cycles. Since the battery packs discharge very little energy when not in use, they are always ready to work. 36 volt lithium ion battery packs are placed under high demands - thanks to our sophisticated battery pack technology, we can offer you a three year warranty with a clear conscience.

Cordless tools


For unlimited freedom during use: Cordless tools from Metabo

Cordless tools from Metabo rank among the best in the world. We know that power and flexibilty are what truly count for professionals - on the construction site and in the workshop. Our wide range of cordless tools from 10.8 to 36 volt offers more than enough of both.

Quality from the technology leader in cordless tools.

Even in the 80s, Metabo was one of the world's first manufacturers to offer a wide range of battery-powered devices. We have continued to expand on our top position over the last several decades. That's why we produce every one of our new electrical tools to market as a cordless version as well, any time this is technically possible and practical. We often blaze new paths with our tools: for instance, we developed the first cordless magnetic drill press in the world, and are the only manufacturer to offer a complete cordless product range for stainless steel processing. The world's first battery packs with a capacity of 4.0 Ah also come from Metabo - as do the world's first 5.2 Ah batteries, which we also introduced. With this technological leap, we've opened lots of new doors for cordless electrical tools.

Our vision is the totally cordless construction site. And we're making this vision a reality with sophisticated Ultra-M technology, providing optimal coordination and perfect communication between machine, battery pack and charger. We continuously work to enlarge and improve our product range. No matter whether you purchase our battery-powered drills/screwdrivers, angle grinders, circular saws or band files from us - if you're building with Metabo, you'll be building for many years to come! Battery packs built today will still fit tomorrow in all Metabo machines and chargers in the same volt class.

Cordless tools are flexible and powerful thanks to Ultra-M technology.

With Metabo, professionals worldwide are declaring war against the cable - and against a limited range of action on construction sites and in workshops. You too can enjoy the freedom our cordless tools offer.

Our product range makes one thing clear: we're not making any compromises. We have the right machine for every application, and set new standards in terms of performance, robustness and safety. We back up our Metabo quality commitment with a battery pack warranty of three years, no matter how often you charge the pack.

Cordless Drill / Screwdriver


Powerful and compact: Metabo cordless screwdrivers

Cordless screwdrivers from Metabo are easy to handle and powerful at the same time. Thanks to our rugged battery pack technology, they can be used on the construction site or in the workshop, independent from a power supply, any time and anywhere you need them. Just what you need in any situation.

Sophisticated and efficient - Cordless screwdrivers from Metabo

The Metabo cordless screwdriver range includes the handy PowerMaxx BS, which is the shortest drill/screwdriver on the market with a length of just 162 mm, as well as our extremely powerful 18 volt cordless screwdrivers. Models with Metabo "Quick" quick-change system let you change in an instant between bit retainer, drill chuck and quick change screw-type angle attachment. The latter makes working in particularly hard to reach spaces and in corners easier. Bits can be inserted directly into the magnetized quarter inch female hexagon socket on the spindle. The compact cordless screwdrivers are even shorter and easier to handle without a drill chuck.

Our LTX machines are equipped with a Metabo motor with high overload capacity, and impress with the best possible torque, even during difficult screwing applications. Metabo models with brushless motors deliver especially high speeds with equally impressive power. Numerous intelligent functions, like electronic torque control for precise, flush screwing, the pulse function, or quick changes between maximum power and pre-set speeds, make brushless cordless drills a top choice for efficiency, precision, and working comfort.

Cordless screwdrivers depend on powerful battery packs

For the battery pack systems on our cordless drill/screwdrivers, we rely on our patented Ultra-M technology: The intensive electronic communication between all components, and the finely balanced interplay of motor, gear, intelligent battery management, and process-controlled charging and discharging management translates into maximum performance, reliability and service life for the user. This is why Metabo grants a 3 year warranty on all Li-Power / LiHD battery packs, no matter how often the battery pack is charged. The handy capacity display on the battery pack shows you how long you can keep working on the current battery charge.

Cordless Hammers


Mobile hammer drilling, drilling and chiseling - with cordless hammers from Metabo

With robust and powerful cordless hammers from Metabo, you can efficiently handle hammer drilling and drilling jobs even far away from any power supply. Our cordless combination hammers make working easy. All of our cordless hammers can match the performance of their plug-in counterparts without any problems, thanks to sophisticated battery pack technology. The product assortment ranges from a compact 18 volt machine to the particularly powerful 36 volt cordless combination hammer.

The perfect combination of light weight and power pack: Metabo cordless hammers

The KHA 18 LTX, weighing just three kilograms, is a real lightweight with enormous power: with its single-impact energy of 2.2 joules (according to EPTA), the cordless combination hammer offers the best ratio of single impact energy to weight on the 18 volt hammer market. Thanks to its light weight and mobility, this machine is especially well suited to drill dowel holes with six to fourteen millimeter diameters in concrete, stone, and masonry - while achieving the best possible drilling progress in their class. The maximum drill diameter of 24 millimeters makes the KHA 18 LTX the ideal tool, even for challenging drilling applications. With an integrated chisel function, you can also handle light duty chiseling tasks, such as removing tiles. Its big brother KHA 36 LTX is a true power pack, and especially well suited to handling the toughest drilling and chiseling work. With its maximum single impact energy of 3.1 joules, it quickly and powerfully drills holes up to 32 millimeters in diameter in concrete. Thanks to the Quick system, you can quickly and easily switch between different SDS Plus drill bits, chisels, and adapters for cylindrical wood or metal drill bits. The integrated anti-vibration system Metabo VibraTech has a foam-cushioned bolt, an eleastically insulated handle, and an included side handle to protect users' joints. In both cordless hammers, the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch also ensures safe operation, immediately uncoupling the drive as soon as the drill is blocked.

Unique battery pack performance for our cordless hammers

Cordless combination hammers from Metabo combine the advantages of mobile machines with the power of plug-in hammers, thanks to their powerful 4.0 and 5.2 Ah battery packs. Metabo grants a three-year warranty on its battery packs. We also offer a comprehensive accessory program of drill bits, chisels, core bits, and adapters to match our machines.

Cordless Multi Tool

A mobile multi-talent: The cordless multi tool from Metabo

No matter whether you are sawing, sanding, scraping or grinding - the oscillating cordless multi-tool from Metabo is the right solution for countless applications. Thanks to its powerful battery pack and wide range of applications, it is the ideal companion for professionals who need to work quickly in interior development or installation jobs - without worrying about cables getting in their way.

The cordless multi-tool: An indispensable, all-around companion in construction trades

Whether cutting out switches and outlets making adjustments to stud framing: Different materials on the construction site or in the workshop can be processed quickly and accurately with the cordless multi-tool. The multi-tool combines poweful battery pack technology, a large oscillation angle, and VTC electronics, which keep its speed constant even under load. The machine also fits well in your hand with its slim design and non-slip, soft grip surface. A double LED lamp brightly illuminates the work area and offers a better view of cuts in corners or dark areas. It's easy to keep sanding jobs clean with a connected vacuum cleaner.

Tool change in an instant - no problem with the cordless multi-tool

The cordless multi-tool is as powerful as a plug-in tool, and offers maximum mobility. Thanks to the Ultra-M technology, the machine is compatible with all 18 volt battery packs and chargers from Metabo.The Metabo "Quick" quick tool change allows users to quickly and comfortably exchange accessories, switching easily between different applications. All major accessories available on the market fit the bit retainer. Metabo offers the cordless multi-tool MT 18 LTX with a high-endurance 5.2 Ah battery pack, as well as the MT 18 LTX Compact model with a 2.0 Ah battery pack. The tool comes with the most important accessories, and we offer a wide range of other accessories as well.

Cordless Angle Grinder


Powerful cutting, long service life: Cordless angle grinders from Metabo

Professionals in the metal trades and metal industry appreciate the freedom and flexibility Metabo angle grinders provide. Our battery-powered chop saws have major advantages on the construction site and in the workshop: For example: without a cable, you can even cut beams and pipes with diameters of up to 45 mm using our angle grinder for 150 mm discs, without having to turn the machine or the workpiece itself. As with all Metabo products, you will also enjoy a powerful battery pack, clever design, and sophisticated safety functions.

Our cordless angle grinders offer optimal handling and effective protection

Cordless angle grinders from Metabo are true power packs with enormous endurance:

Per battery charge, they can handle significantly more cuts in metal than other comparable machines on the market. This is thanks to our patented Marathon motors and powerful battery packs with up to 5.2 Ah. They also offer an integrated capacity display to allow users to check the charge status. Another particularly practical function is the battery pack's rotation function: Cordless machines from Metabo are the only professional cordless angle grinders that let you rotate the battery pack and work comfortably even in hard to reach spots.

The removable dust filter prevents metal particles from entering the machine through the ventilation slots, and it can be easily cleaned using compressed air. The Metabo Quick system also lets you quickly change between applications, making it possible to replace cutting and grinding discs in a matter of seconds without additional tools.

Cordless angle grinders from Metabo guarantee safety and a long service life

The guard, which can also be adjusted without tools, offers effective safety while working. Restart protection after a battery pack replacement, thermal overload protection for the motor, and a shutdown function in case of power surges provide additional protection for both the user and the machine. The single cell monitoring protects the battery pack cells from discharging completely when working and also from overcharging while the battery pack is being charged. This ensures a significantly longer service life for both machine and battery pack. The three year warranty we grant on all battery packs shows how high quality they are. An extensive range of accessories rounds off our portfolio of cordless angle grinders and offers the right system solution for every application.

Cordless Flat Head Angle Grinder


Fast and safe in acute angles: The cordless flat head angle grinder

Keeps going where others stop: Metabo is the world's first manufacturer to develop a cordless flat head angle grinder that quickly and safely masters grinding jobs in acute angles. Thanks to its ultra-flat heat, the innovative machine allows users to work in angles down to 39 degrees. Professionals in the metal and railing industry, in locksmith's shops, or in plant engineering and shipbuilding will especially appreciate this feature. Improvised stopgap solutions are a thing of the past. With our cordless flat head angle grinders, you can work completely independent from the power supply quickly, productively, and safely, even at acute angles.

Permits powerful, safe and comfortable working: the cordless flat head angle grinder

Now, to level out short welded seams in corners, you won't need to resort to a straight grinder or a comparatively expensive carbide rotary cutter, or even other non-standard methods: with our flat-head angle grinders, you can work significantly faster, and achieve visibly cleaner work results. Although wire brushes used to be the only solution for removing weld slag and old paint in corners of framing constructions, the flat-head angle grinder will allow you to handle these tasks much more efficiently. Our cordless flat-head angle grinders will save you more than just time and energy while purging and cleaning root seams, or when cutting pipes in difficult to reach areas: Pneumatic chisels, or even unpermitted improvised solutions are a thing of the past.

The cordless flat head angle grinder - practical, with a large disc selection

As is typical for Metabo, our cordless flat head angle grinder offers many practical extras: the guard can be adjusted without tools, locked in place to prevent twisting, and removed for cleaning without having to remove the disc. The grinding discs can also be replaced easily and without an additional key thanks to the Quick system. Overload and restart protection also guarantee maximum safety for the user and the machine. Metabo also offers accessories that have been developed especially for working in narrow angles and U-profiles. Working for long periods of time is no problem thanks to the 5.2 Ah battery packs, which come standard with our cordless flat head angle grinders.

Cutting, sanding, milling


Maximum productivity when cutting, grinding and milling

Whether cutting, grinding or milling- what counts is an optimum result. At Metabo, we don't compromise. We provide you with customized professional tools, including matching accessories for any application.

Cutting, grinding or milling? Metabo offers innovative solutions for metal processing

Professionals in metalwork and the metals industry worldwide reach for our angle grinders, straight grinders, snips, nibblers, angle polishers, and double grinding machines, or our specialized machines for processing stainless steel, to handle their most challenging cutting and grinding tasks. They choose our tools because they know they can always rely on Metabo machines. For anyone who needs an angle grinder, for instance, that offers the best possible safety and the highest productivity for difficult applications, Metabo comes into play. While our large angle grinders offer the best performance and robustness, our compact class sets the standard for ultimate productivity, perfect ergonomics, and unbeatable system power. These characteristics make our angle grinders the best of the best for cutting and grinding. With our angle grinders, and specialized solutions like our complete machine range for stainless steel processing, or the world's first flat head angle grinder for working in narrow angles, we offer the right solution for any challenge.

Flexible grinding and milling of different materials

Our Metabo solutions focus on providing the highest level of precision and comfortable handling so that you can work productively, completing grinding and milling tasks and achieving perfect results. We offer you the optimal system solution for every requirement with our random orbital, band and triangular base sanders, our sanders, planers and routers, and our paint removers and wall chasers.

Angle grinders Ø4-1/2” - 6”


Metabo compact angle grinders: Maximum performance with the smallest overall size

You set the limits with our angle grinders - not your machine. With devices from 720 to 1,700 Watt and for disc diameters from 4 1/2 to 6" , Metabo offers the right system solution for every requirement and every application - including matching accessories.

Compact angle grinders - more efficient work thanks to the Metabo Longlife motor

Thanks to the extremely powerful, patent-pending Metabo Longlife motor and an innovative ventilation concept, you can work with our angle grinders in almost any situation without interruptions. No matter how you challenge the tools: Our powerful angle grinders offer unbeatable robustness, overload capacity, and productivity. They also impress with their small handle circumferences and excellent device geometry.

Metabo compact angle grinders guarantee safe work on your construction site

Safety is another top priority: Almost all our compact models use a mechanical S-automatic safety clutch - a proven standard since 1966 - which decouples the motor without a time delay when the disc jams. With this feature, we offer the most reliable anti-kick-back system on the market which reduces kickbacks to an absolute minimum. We also offer our angle grinders from 1,250 to 1,700 watt with a combination of paddle switch and dead man function and patented mechnical disc brakes: The fastest brake system on the market offers the best user protection and stops the disc after the tool switches off in less than two seconds, even if the power is cut. Some machines above 1,250 watt are also available with an integrated Auto-Balancer. Using this anti-vibration system - the most effective one on the market - and the Metabo VibraTech side handle, you can work with Metabo angle grinders for more than eight hours in continuous mode without any problems. Vibrations are reduced to a minimum. At the same time, roughing discs last up to twice as long due to the lower vibrations.

The right accessories for any application: Metabo compact angle grinders

To accompany our powerful compact angle grinders, we offer professional accessories for any application: Flap discs, fiber sanding sheets, special Inox sanding media, or our high-performance cutting and roughing discs with ceramic abrasive grain in the M-Calibur series ensure optimum results and maximum productivity.

With compact angle grinders of all performance classes and special matched accessories, we offer professionals in industry and trade the perfect system solution for any application - productive, robust, ergonomic, and safe.

Flat-head angle grinders


Ultra-powerful problem solver for narrow angles: Down to 39°. New Metabo flat-head angle grinders.

Forge ahead where others stop: Metabo is the first manufacturer worldwide to develop a flat-head angle grinder, which masters grinding tasks in narrow angles quickly and safely. With its ultra-flat head, this innovative machine permits working in acute angles down to 39 degrees. Professionals in metal and railing construction, in locksmith's workshops or in plant engineering and ship construction will benefit most from this feature. Improvised stopgap solutions are a thing of the past. With our flat-head angle grinder, you can work in narrow angles completely independent from any power supply in a fast, productive and safe manner.

The flat-head angle grinder is powerful, safe and comfortable.

Now you don't need to use a die grinder or a comparatively expensive carbide cutter - or even other non-standard methods to smooth short weld seams in angles: with our flat head angle grinder, you can work significantly faster and achieve a visibily cleaner finish. While a wire brush used to be the only solution to remove rust, weld slug, and old paint in angles on frame constructions, our flat head angle grinder now offers a much more efficient solution. With the cordless flat head angle grinder you save more than just time and energy when purging and cleaning root seams or when cutting pipes in hard to reach areas: having to use a compressed air chisel or improvised and unapproved solutions are a thing of the past.

Practical and with a large disc selection: The Metabo flat-head angle grinder

As is typical for Metabo, our flat head angle grinder offers many practical extras: the guard can be adjusted without tools, fixed and secured against torsion, and demounted for cleaning without having to remove the disc. The grinding discs can also be replaced easily and without an additional key thanks to the Quick system. Overload and restart protection also guarantee maximum safety for the user and the machine. Metabo also offers accessories that have been developed especially for working in narrow angles and U-profiles. Working long hours is no problem thanks to the 5.2 Ah battery packs, which come standard with our cordless flat head angle grinders.

Stainless steel


Efficient processing of stainless steel with Metabo power tools

Whether in container construction, facade areas, or railings: Few materials can be used in such varied ways as stainless steel can, while requiring so much craftsmanship. When smoothing weld seams, removing tarnishing, processing surfaces or edges, and high-gloss polishing, it is important that your tools offer the highest precision and are perfectly adapted to the material.

The right tool for every application - Metabo machines for processing Inox stainless steel

There is no universal tool for processing surfaces- instead, the surfaces of pipes, profiles, edges and corners present different challenges to different power tools. This is why our wide range of Inox products offers you the right tool for every application and perfectly matched accessories - from Inox angle grinders, fillet weld grinders, burnishing machines, and tube belt sanders, to belt files and angle polishers. With power tools for stainless steel processing from Metabo, you can handle any task at the hightes level of efficiency - from coarse grinding and burnishing to high-gloss polishing. The low, adjustable speeds and high torques offered by our Inox tools prevent overheating and blue discoloration of the stainless steel. Att the same time, the machines deliver constant speeds even under heavy loads, ensuring perfect results. Our specialized machines are particularly powerful and fast because they work at such high torque. We have equipped our complete stainless steel processing product range with motors that can handle extreme overloads - you can always rely on your machine, be it in the workshop on the construction site, whether you may or may not have a consistent power supply. We are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer a cordless variant of all our Inox machines - with these rugged cordless tools, you will achieve perfect results every time, even far away from any power supply. For maximum mobility when processing stainless steel, we offer you the widest portfolio of battery-powered Inox tools on the market. This includes our cordless Inox angle grinders, fillet weld seam grinders, burnishing machines, tube belt sanders and band files.

Random Orbital Sander


Random orbital sanders from Metabo: Maximum material removal and a fine polished finish, all in one.

Do you need a random orbital sander with a high level of material removal, that can also provide you with a high polished finish? Metabo can do both: our unique random orbital sander with two oscillating circuits is the absolute specialist for both coarse and fine applications. The patented dual oscillating circuit setting and the Turbo Boost function for maximum material removal, making the random orbital sander a universal tool for wood, plastic, NF metals and sheet steel surfaces.

Metabo has made its random orbital sanders particularly light and compact for different applications on the construction site, for example for overhead sanding jobs: The different models weigh between 1.2 and 2.4 kg. All random orbital sanders are designed in such a way that you can work right up to the edge of your workpiece. The design of the high-quality, die cast aluminum gear housing of our random orbital sanders is extremely robust and ergonomic.

Clean working with the Metabo random orbital sander thanks to effective extraction

To go along with its sanders, Metabo offers system solutions for effective extraction with vacuum cleaners and professional accessories. If you are working without a vacuum cleaner, Metabo delivers its random orbital sanders with a fabric bag that safely collects the dust and can be emptied easily. Random orbital sanders come with Vario (V) electronics and, thanks to their speed selection feature, are also suited for processing heat-sensitive materials such as varnishes or plastics. With the 310 watt, powerful SXE 3125 and SXE 3150 random orbital sanders, you can choose between two machines with differently sized sanding plate - 125 or 150 mm. Both random orbital sanders have a backing pad with multi-perforation, on which different sanding media can be easily attached using the hook and loop surface. The multi-perforation also allows you to use an effective dust extraction unit, even without vacuum cleaner.

Routers, milling and grinder motors

Versatile and precise: Routers from Metabo

For craftsmen, the router is probably the most versatile power tool there is. That makes the quality and reliability of your router all the more important: Wit handy and powerful routers from Metabo, you can cut grooves, chamfer, contour, notch, drill and mill in a precise and powerful manner. No matter if you use the router for cutting accurate grooves or notches for stable connections, processing wooden edges, or cutting contours on furniture, or if you simply use the tool for free-hand milling: With routers from Metabo you will be perfectly equipped for any application.

Top model for versatile use: The Of E 1229 Signal router from Metabo

The Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC) electronics of the Of E 1229 Signal router from Metabo always ensure you can work at a speed adapted to your particular material and application. You can use the thumbwheel to set an idle speed between 5,000 and 25,500 rpm. The router also allows you to finely adjust the cutting depth down to 0.1 mm in accuracy. Using the three-stage stop, you can preselect up to three different cutting depths. 1,200 watt rated input power and the advantages of the Vario-Tacho-Constamatic offer the highest level of technical comfort. Electronic monitoring of the coil temperature warns you in case of the router becomes overloaded. The integrated tacho generator keeps the speed constant even under load. The router ensures that the speed remains constant even in difficult conditions and at very low speed settings.To accompany our routers, Metabo offers an extensive range of accessories - from collets, high-quality cutters and guides to miter fences, template followers and flexible shafts.

Renovation Grinders


Efficient and robust: Renovation grinders from Metabo

In the past, users often used a chisel hammer or angle grinder to remove concrete, plaster or screed - a tiring and dusty undertaking. Robust and powerful renovation grinders from Metabo help you to carry out your work faster, more efficiently and with effective extraction.

A powerful duo - vacuum cleaners and renovation grinders from Metabo

If you need to sand old layers and coatings on walls, ceilings and floors, we offer two machines that combine to provide a  powerful system made up of effective extraction solutions and matching cup wheels: The RS 17-125 renovation grinder is extremely capable at handling overloads, and is designed especially for hard jobs on the construction site. Thanks to its powerful Metabo Marathon motor with 1,700 watt rated input power, it endures hours of continuous use without getting hot. This allows to you reliably sand large areas. With the RS 14-125, we offer plasterers, floorers, painters, and home renovators an extremely compact and ergonomic sander. It is particularly suited for use on small areas or even for delicate materials. Its no-load speed can be set to any level, and can be perfectly adjusted to match the processed material.

Both grinders have a spring-mounted brush rim that adapts to the material surface, permitting optimal dust extraction. The aluminum die-cast guard makes the machines particularly robust and offers a practical extra feature: You can fold up the front section without having to remove it, and thus risk losing it. With the guard folded up, you can sand right up to the edge of a wall, ceiling or floor. This saves tedious manual reworking. The ergonomically shaped, tool-free adjustable bar handles help to guide the grinder in a safe and uniform manner.

Effective extraction and matching accessories for your renovation grinder

Metabo offers a wide assortment of accessories for both grinders, a range individually tailored for a broad range of applications. This includes various diamond cup wheels, for instance, and a specialized PKD cup wheel for removing thermoplastic materials. The renovation grinders and various diamond cup wheels allow users to quickly and cleanly remove coatings, hard cement plaster, cement, glue residue, and much more. Both manually operated renovation grinders can be attached to vacuum cleaners like the ASR 35 M ACP, which can handle even large quantities of dust optimally, delivering especially clean work results when used in a system.

Renovation Milling Machines


Powerful, with a large diameter: Renovation grinders from Metabo

The renovation grinder makes it easy to remove old coatings and layers on walls, ceilings and floors while protecting the user's health. The large milling diameter ensures quick progress and efficient working. In combination with a Metabo extraction system, the milling machine ensures a particularly clean finish.

An ideal solution for renovation applications - the renovation grinder

If you need to efficiently remove plaster, glue residue, soft screed, or old paint while protecting your health, choose a renovation grinder from Metabo. With its triple reduction high-performance gear, it reaches a torque of nine Newton meters, allowing it to powerfully and efficiently remove coatings. Thanks to its large milling diameter of 115 mm, work progresses very quickly with the renovation grinder, allowing you to process even large areas in a short time. The cutting depth can be adjusted from 0 to 6 mm without tools and with just a single manual operation. If you have to remove coatings from walls for several hours, you will appreciate the fast work progress and the powerful material removal these tools offer.

Innovative and practical working with the renovation grinder from Metabo

The ergonomically-shaped bow-type handle can also be adjusted to different positions without tools and folded, if needed. This is particularly practical, for example, when you have to grind along a surface behind scaffolding. The renovation grinder has a chamfered front edge with a protective metal plate, so that you can grind at the edges of railings, ceilings or walls. This saves time-consuming manual reworking. The die-cast aluminum guard is particularly robust and provides the machine with high quality and a long service life. The spring-mounted brush rim also adapts to the material surface and permits optimal material extraction. Matching vacuum cleaners from Metabo are designed especially for renovation applications where large quantities of dust are generated. The AST 35 M ACP is particularly suited as a system, which includes fully-automated filter cleaning. A wide range of accessories complement this extensive offer: While pointed milling stars create a rough surface with hard materials, flat milling stars are best suited for soft materials such as gloe residue or soft plaster. Combined with a vacuum cleaner and accessories, you will be able to achieve an optimal finish with this renovation grinder every time.

Long-neck sanders

Lightness meets flexibility: Long-neck sanders from Metabo

Using Metabo long-neck sanders, painters, plasterers and drywall hangers can give the right finish to primed wall and ceiling surfaces. You can choose between two models - with or without flexible length adjustment. With our drywall sanders, you can work quickly and comfortably even in tall rooms with effective extraction.

Light and compact - Metabo long-neck sanders

Both machines allow you to complete sanding tasks efficiently without a ladder right up to the edge of the wall or ceiling. While the LSV 5-225 with a weight of 3.9 kilos is among the lightest machines in its class, the comfort model with a variable length-adjustment offers maximum flexibility: For sanding applications at great height, the 1.60 meter long handle bar can be extended to up to 2.10 meters - the extension piece is available in the accessories section. In narrow rooms, you can shorten the machine to 1.10 meters. The machine can also be completely disassembled for easy transport.Thanks to our patented M-Clean technology, effective extraction in both models is provided directly through the machine housing. There are no hoses on the sanding head to get in your way, making the tool particularly flexible. This also eliminates hose maintenance. Thanks to its spring-mounted brush rim, the sanding head adapts itself perfectly to the surface. The flexible shafts of the two robust grinding machines can also be easily replaced, if needed, without any tools. The machines come with a replacement shaft, which makes the drywall grinders ready for use at any moment. The LSV 5-225 Comfort is the only long-neck sander on the market with an integrated LED lamp, which illuminates the sanding area even in dark rooms such as staircases or bathrooms. This helps to quickly detect and handle any uneven areas.

Easier working with our long-neck sanders, thanks to perfect ergonomics

The powerful 500 watt motors are installed not in the head, but in the rear handle area of the machines. Compared to other models on the market, this provides much better balance - work is easier and you progress faster. The T-shaped handle fits well in your hand, and the machines can be put down safely without the cable or the hose kinking. Both drywall sanders are part of our complete system solution, with which Metabo offers professionals a wide range of sanding media and other accessories like matching extraction systems - such as the ASR 35 L or M ACP vacuum cleaners.

Drilling, screwing, chiselling, stirring


Quality, right from the start: drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring with Metabo complete systems

It all started with a hand drill: in 1924, the founders of our company sold its first metal boring drills, which later gave Metabowerk GmbH its name. In 1957, our company introduced the first series produced hammer drill on the market, and we haven't stopped developing it since. More world premieres followed, such as the first cordless magnetic drill press. Today, we are a leading international manufacturer of electrical tools and accessory components. But we never forgot our roots: the name Metabo has stood for professional drilling technology for decades, and our products stand out for their high quality and safety. We offer almost all of our solutions for drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring as battery-operated options as well. Thanks to our powerful battery technology, which we are continuously imprving, many of the power packs for our cordless tools are second to none when it comes to power output.

Always a reliable partner for professionals in drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring

Drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring tools from Metabo combine the best features from more than 90 years of development experience. Powerful, compact, and designed for the highest level of safety, they are reliable companions for professional users across the world. Our robust hammer drills are able to handle any challenge on the construction site, or in the workshop. The drills set new standards for power and precision, guaranteeing optimal results. Thanks to the Metabo Quick System, you can exchange chucks, angled attachments, or bit holders quickly and without tools. With our drills and chiseling hammers, you can work through hard materials like stone or concrete quickly and cleanly. The high power striking mechanisms in our hammers can stand up to even the heaviest mechanical loads, and make these machines ideal tools for extreme applications. Our drivers and impact drivers give your work the right impulse, as do our stirrers, which can reliably agitate even highly viscous materials. With our wide assortment of drywall screwdrivers, we offer perfectly tailored solutions for large-volume screwing jobs in a variety of application areas. All of our electrical tools combine high power with perfect ergonomics and low weight. In addition, Metabo offers all the accessory components professionals need to drill, screw, chisel, and stir.

Rotary and chipping hammers


Power packs for demanding applications: Metabo rotary and chipping hammers

Metabo's powerful hammers are always the right choice when it comes to processing hard materials such as stone or concrete. The pneumatic impact mechanism generates high-energy impacts with almost no extra force required from the user. The high performance hammer mechanism is precisely mounted in a housing made of aluminum alloy, which resists even the highest mechanical loads. The enormous power, combined with user-optimized ergonomics, make Metabo hammers ideal tools for demanding applications. From compact cordless, multi, drill and combination hammers in the SDS plus range to the extremely powerful SDS max combination hammer KHE 96 with 1,700 watt and 20 joule single impact energy (according EPTA), we offer the right machine for every application.

Maximum mobility, with cordless hammers from Metabo

Metabo offers you maximum mobility with its cordless hammers: The KHA 36 LTV cordless combination hammer with 36 volt power combines the advantages of plug-in machines with the flexibility of a cordless tool. With its maximum single impact energy of 3.1 joules, however, it truly packs a punch. The combination hammer drills holes up to 1 1/4" in diameter into concrete without any problems. Thanks to the high battery pack performance and capacity and quick drilling progress, with this machine you can work both powerfully and particularly efficiently in the workshop, on the construction site or in industrial applications. Our particularly compact and versatile KHS 18 LTX cordless combination hammer with a high single impact energy and low weight impresses in the 18 volt class.

Metabo offers a comprehensive range of accessories for all of our professional tools: from carbide-tipped hammer drill bits with two or four cutting edges and different chisels, to carbide tipped router bits and drill bits - at Metabo, you will find everything you need.

Hammer Drills

ll-around performers for the workshop and construction site: Impact drills from Metabo

Metabo impact drills are perfectly equipped for demanding applications in the workshop and on the construction site. Whether you are impact-drilling in brick, stone or concrete, or non-impact drilling in wood, steel, aluminum or even glass: these applications are no problem. Even screwdriving jobs, stirring, grinding, polishing, and rust removal are child's play for Metabo's impact drill. Decades ago, we started production for the world's first series produced impact drill - justifying our reputation as a manufacturer of durable, robust and technically sophisticated impact drills.

The right impact drill for any application

At Metabo, you will find the right impact drill for any application. Our wide product range encompasses machines with outputs of 600 watt to 1,300 watt. Even holes with up to 20 mm in diameter in concrete are no problem for our strongest impact drill models. The robust Metabo Marathon motors and die-cast gear housings ensure our impact drills offer particularly long service life. For models with Vario Tacho Constamatic (VTC) full-wave electronics, you can adjust speeds infinitely, meaning they remain constant under load so that you can work quickly even in demanding applications thanks to high torque and extreme robustness. To provide the best possible protection for the user, the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch limits any sudden reverse torque if the impact drill jams. All Metabo impact drills have a collar diameter of 43 mm and can also be clamped in drill stands. The models with "impulse" function allow you to loosen jammed or damaged screws and facilitate pilot drilling on smooth surfaces.

Maximum mobility: cordless impact drills from Metabo

For cordless working, battery-powered hammer drills from Metabo are perfectly equipped for universal use in construction and metalworking, or in the metal industry  - from the smallest, most precise screw task to major drilling jobs in concrete, wood, and metal, and even extreme applications. With 600 revolutions per minute in the first and 2,050 RPM in the second speed, cordless hammer drill SB 18 LTX Quick, for instance, delivere enormously high speeds. The maximum torque of 55 Nm provides the power you need in soft materials, and 110 Nm in hard screwing tasks. Cordless hammer drill SB 18 LTX BL Quick has an efficient brushless motor and non-wear electronig Metabo torque control for especially precise, fine work.



Quality for 90 years: Drills from Metabo

Since the "Metallbohrdreher" (metal drill) gave our company its name in 1924, we have been continuously setting new standards when it comes to drilling. Our high quality standards guarantee optimum work results and precise holes. Whether you are working in wood, metal or concrete - every material has different requirements in terms of drill speed, torque, RPMs, and drill design. We offer the right machine - including accessories - for any challenge.

They drill with accuracy and power and fit well in your hand: Drills from Metabo

Whether you are working in the metal, construction or wood industries, in steel construction or mechanical engineering or in the metal processing branch: Every Metabo drill is perfectly customized to your requirements. Drills with a mechanical two-speed gear are suited for different materials and applications, with their optimal speed and torque settings. Thanks to the high torque of up to 75 Nm - for example with the BE 75-16 drill and the BE 75 Quick - you can process even large wood screws quickly and easily. The high no-load speeds - up to 4,500 RPM, for example, with the BE 500/6 drill - guarantee quick work progress. At the same time, every Metabo drilll is slimmed down for maximum precision. Models with a drill spindle mounted on a needle bearing and a highly accurate, self-clamping Futuro-Top drill chuck are also ideally suited for industrial use. Thanks to their compact overall size, optimal balance and low weight, Metabo drills fit well in your hand: The lightest machines weigh only 1.3 kg. The BE 18 LTX 6 cordless drill, weighing 1.7 kg and with a no-load speed of up to 4,000 RPM, unites speed, ergonomics and mobility.

Comprehensive range of accessories for your Metabo drill

Metabo offers you a comprehensive range of system accessories to go along with every drill, for example different drill chucks, drill bits, hole saws, angle attachments and torque attachments, drill stands, steel wire brushes, stirrers, vacuum cleaners, dust extraction sets and much more. With only two manual steps, you can change between different applications and exchange matching attachments such as drill chucks, angle attachments, or bit retainers for your drill models in seconds with Metabo Quick system.

Impact Screwdriver


Light and powerful: Metabo impact wrenches

No matter whether your drill has a cable, is cordless, or works with compressed air: If you need to insert large numbers of screws or particularly big ones, you will be ideally equipped with impact wrenches from Metabo. Our impact wrenches are both light and powerful at the same time. From 100 to 600 Nm, from the compact 10.8 volt PowerMaxx to the power pack for large screw anchors up to 12 mm: With our wide range of impact wrenches we offer the perfect solution for any difficul application in the workshop, on the construction site or in industry.

Enormous power, ergonomic packaging - Metabo impact wrenches with cable, cordless or compressed air

With our  light and powerful cordless SSD 18 LT and SSW 18 LT impact wrenches, you can work at a particularly low fatigue level. The brushless SSW 18 LTX 400 BL cordless impact wrench impresses with a unique ratio of performance to overall size - despite its high torque of 400 Nm, it weighs only 1.9 kg, making it almost as light and compact as an impact wrench in the 200 Nm performance range. For particularly difficult screwdriving applications Metabo offers you extremely powerful impact wrenches with torques of up to 600 Nm, both plug-in (SSW 650) and cordless (SSW 18 LTX 600). Their powerful motors with high overload capacity, multifunctional monitoring systems, and high-performance impact features guarantee an extremely long service life for all our impact wrenches.

Metabo impact wrenches - Fast, low-fatigue and efficient working

Because of the way an impact wrench works and the powerful impacts the machine generates, even severely jammed screws can be loosened with very low reverse torque, and thus significantly less effort. Thanks to the ergonomic design and high torque, professionals can work with our impact wrenches in a particularly fast and low-fatigue manner. We offer bits, socket wrenches and adapters, as well as impact-proof accessories designed for particularly hard applications to accompany your robust tools.

Drywall screwdriver


Light, fast and compact: Drywall screwdrivers from Metabo

Powerful and accurate drywall screwdrivers from Metabo, with no-load speeds from 2,500, 4,000 or 6,000 RPM, are optimally tailored to the different applications and materials involved in drywall construction. Whether cordless or plug-in: The machines offer a particularly ergonomic design, are light and fast, and are ideally suited for low-fatigue, continuous use.

Broad product range: Metabo offers the right drywall screwdriver for any application

Metabo offers you one of the widest ranges of drywall screwdrivers on the market, so that you always have the right machine for every application. All models are excellently suited for screwing gypsum plasterboard and sheetrock panels onto substructures made of wood or metal. Using the plug-in SE 6000 drywall screwdriver or the cordless SE 18 LTX 6000, you can work especially quickly thanks to the high no-load speeds of 6,000 RPM. Screwdriver models SE 4000 and SE 18 LTX 4000 for universal use offer a balanced combination of power and speed, and are also suited for installing gypsum fiberboards on metal structures. Drywall screwdrivers SE 2500 and SE 18 LTX 2500 are designed for more difficult screwing of gypsum plasterboard on wood thanks to their high torque. The operating elements, such as the trigger button and forward and reverse switches, have an ergonomic design and offer comfortable and low-fatigue operation. The screwdriver magazine SM 5-55 for screws from 25 to 55 mm length fits on all devices. This allows you to change your drywall screwdriver into a magazine screwdriver in no time at all. The depth guide sleeve and the screwdriver magazine can be easily removed without tools.


recise and powerful: The right saw for any cut

Perfect ergonomics, maximum performance and precise results - these are the characteristics offered by Metabo saws. From our compact cordless reciprocating saw to our contractor saw, we offer professionals everything they need for sawing and custom cuts on the construction site or in the workshop.

Metabo saws: Ergonomic design and varied applications

With our manually operated saws, you will be perfectly equipped to handle any task in the workshop or on the construction site. Our jigsaws are experts at curve cuts and fine adjustments. Their slim handles make them top-of-the-line choices for ergonomics, and their components made of high-quality cast aluminum make them especially robust. Reciprocating saws from Metabo are extremely versatile and ideal for making fast cuts. They reliably cut wood, plastics, or metal pipes. The adjustable depth guide protects cables and cords hidden behind drywall during installation work. Professionals from all over the world happily choose our band saws, circular table saws, and construction circular saws because they value the high levels of comfort, reliability, and precision they offer. Many of our semi-stationary saws can also be folded up in just a few seconds, then conveniently transported. Compact, robust construction is also a feature of our handheld circular saws, which make straight, precise cuts in panel materials when combined with a guide rail. They can also handle chop cuts quickly and reliably. The versatile KSE 55 Vario Plus combines the functions of a plunge circular saw and those of a handheld circular saw in just one machine, offering maximum flexibility in any application.

Always mobile with Metabo cordless saws

With our cordless jig saws, cordless circular saws, cordless reciprocating saws, and cordless crosscut and miter saws, you won't have to deal with any spatial limits on the construction site or in the workshop. You will also avoid tripping hazards and time-consuming switching of cables.

The patented Metabo Ultra-M technology makes our cordless saws long-lasting and powerful. A three year warranty on battery packs and charger is included. Additionally, Metabo offers a comprehensive range of consumable materials. For example, you can select from more than 80 jig saw blades to achieve optimum results. Our vacuum cleaners and chip extraction systems collect dust and chips as soon as they are generated, keeping your work environment clean and protecting your health. Whether in the workshop or on the construction site: With our complete solutions consisting of saws, accessories and extraction solutions, you will be able to make perfect cuts everywhere and at all times.



Metabo jigsaws: slim handle, precise cuts

Accurate, powerful and robust: With jigsaws from Metabo, you can achieve extraordinarily accurate cuts. With their slim handles, jigsaws provide absolutely outstanding ergonomics. High quality standards and details, such as the proven stable design, make every jigsaw particularly robust and durable. Metabo jigsaws are thus very well suited for demanding applications on construction sites. For curvy cuts with many rotational movements, Metabo recommends its powerful cordless jigsaws. Depending on your personal preference, Metabo offers, for example, jigsaws with bow-type handles, such as the STEB 140 and STEB 140 Plus; the STE 140 and STE 140 Plus have a grip handle. Cordless jigsaws such as the STA 18 LTX and the STA 18 LTX 140 complete Metabo's jigsaw line. Whether you are constructing kitchens, or are a joiner or floorer: For many professionals, a long-lasting, cordless jigsaw is a popular alternative to the plug-in version. Metabo grants a three year warranty on its powerful battery packs without a limitation on charging cycles.

The Metabo jigsaw is powerful and fast

Metabo has designed its jigsaws to be not only especially slim and compact, but has also equipped them with a performance of up to 750 watt. Thanks to the maximum 3,300 strokes per minute and the VTC electronics, which permit constant sawing progress under load, the machines saw extremely quickly. The auto start makes the initial cut with the jigsaw easier: It lets the jigsaw start slowly, and accelerates to full stroke as soon as the saw blade hits the workpiece. This function can be deactivated as well, of course, and the desired stroke can be set by hand. The chip blower can also be activated and deactivated - a practical feature, if you want to connect an external extraction system or do not want to blow away coolant when sawing in metal. By virtue of the adjustable pendulum stroke, you will work quickly with the jigsaw even when sawing thicker workpieces, as well as spare the saw blade and achieve the best sawing results with minimum chipping.

Systemised jigsaws: A comprehensive range of accessories

To match its powerful jigsaws, Metabo also offers a comprehensive program of system and consumable accessories. Guide rail adapters, circular / parallel guides, and a variety of protectie plates expand the uses of the tool, and more than 80 different saw blades facilitate optimized sawing in almost any material.

Mitre Saws

Robust, mobile and safe: Miter saws from Metabo

Thanks to a poweful motor and low weight, our crosscut and miter saws offer uncompromising performance and absolute mobility on the construction site and in the workshop. This is why professionals have been relying on semi-stationary saws from Metabo for decades. Since we are the European market leader in the area of crosscut saws, we know exactly what professionals need.

Our crosscut saws offer practicality and versatility.

In relation to their cutting depth and width, our M-class miter saws and chop saws are the lightest on the market. Their ergonomic carrying handles and transport lock for saw heads and sliding function mean you can comfortably and safely carry the saws with just one hand. Thanks to their robust construction made of cast aluminum, they stand up to even the toughest demands. The KGS 305 M, for instance, weighs just 19.6 kilograms, but can easily saw through size 10 square timbers. A bright LED light and a laser that accurately displays the cutting line are integrated into all machines. For wide workpieces, our chop saws with sliding function are a great choice: 195 millimeter laminate or parquet panels can be processed with just a single cut with our mobile M-class models, even at a 45 degree miter. KS Plus m√dels have a directly attached saw head that can be tilted to both sides and facilitates especially precise miter, inclined, and compound miter cuts. The KGS Plus models also impress with their sliding function, infinitely adjustable speeds, and powerful motor with which you can achieve especially high cutting speeds.

Metabo crosscut saws - also powerful in a cordless version

Cordless crosscut saws from Metabo are particularly powerful thanks to their Ultra-M technology and rugged battery packs, making the user independent from grid power. No matter if you choose a tool with or without sliding function, their cutting output is similar to a plug-in machine. Press a button on the battery pack to easily check the remaining charge.Metabo offers a comprehensive range of accessorie, including stands and saw blades for all crosscut and mitersaws.

Band Saws


Band saws from Metabo: Precision from a running band

Clean cuts, precise work, stable design - these are the features that help band saws from Metabo stand out. The magic is in the details: all of our band saws use a precision three wheel guide on both top and bottom for optimal guiding and tool time. The low-vibration grey cast iron tables ensure you receive clean cutting results, and the exact parallel guide includes a precise readout scale to ensure you achieve the precision you need. By moving the V-belt to the lower sheave box, you can set two different speeds depending on your material.

Saw comfortably and safely with Metabo band saws

The BAS 317 Precision models achieve a cutting height of 165 millimeters, and the passage width is 305 millimeters. With a rated input power of 900 Watt, you can work at a maximum cutting speed of 800 meters per minute with the band saw. You can easily adjust the angle of the sawing bench from -2 to +45 degrees. With the stand, you can raise the working height of the band saw from 510 to 985 millimeters. For expecially powerful sawing jobs with a cutting height of 280 millimeters, the band saw BAS 505 Precision offers a maximum cutting speed of up to 965 meters per minute, with a rated input power of up to 1,900 Watt. In all of our band saws, restart protection ensures they do not unintentionally restart after a power interruption. If a saw door is opened, the safety limit switch switches off the band saw in an instant.

Scope of delivery and accessories for Metabo band saws

The scope of delivery for our band saws includes both an A6 universal saw blade and a parallel guide. Depending on the band saw you purchase, you will also receive a miter fence, a suction adapter or extraction nozzle, and with the BAS 317 Precision, the stand is also included. In addition, besides a variety of band saw blades, Metabo also offers a folding work table, a wheel set for easy transport, and a circle cutting attachment for circular or conical cuts.

Reciprocating saws


Reciprocating saws from Metabo: Robust, safe and powerful

The reciprocating saw from Metabo is extremely versatile and ideal for quick cuts. It reliably cuts wood, plastic or metal pipes. The adjustable depth guide protects cables and lines behind the wall when you are completing installation work.

With the SSEP 1400 MVT and the smaller model SSE 1100, Metabo offers you two particularly robust and powerful reciprocating saws. The powerful 1,400 Watt motor of the SSEP 1400 with constant speed delivery provides maximum performance even for demanding applications, while also guaranteeing fast and powerful cuts in wood, aluminum, steel, stone, insulation, plastic and many other materials. For optimum cutting power in any material, you can set the stroke and add a three-level pendulum stroke for even faster cutting performance. The gearing of the reciprocating saw is particularly robust, and is protected against dust and moisture. Combined with the integral Metabo Vibra Tech balancing system, it reduces vibrations to an absolute minimum. This protects the user, especially during prolonged use, while also increasing cutting output as the saw blade engages with the material more effectively. The speed switch with locking function helps the user to intricately control of the machine and ensure a smooth start-up process when starting to work.

Mobile, precise and efficient - The Metabo cordless reciprocating saw

With cordless reciprocating saws such as the powerful ASE 18 LTX with 18 volts - and its little brother, the PowerMaxx ASE with 10.8 volts, Metabo offers ideal solutions for mobile sawing. The compact PowerMaxx ASE is the first cordless reciprocating saw in its class with tool-free adjustable depth guide. This means you can not only efficiencly use the entire length of the saw blade, but can also saw precisely in shallower workpieces, without damaging any pipes lying behind them.

Metabo offers you the right saw blade for any material for your reciprocating saw

Since every reciprocating saw is only as good as its blade, Metabo offers one of the widest ranges of reciprocating saw blades on the market - in different lengths and packaging sizes, the range stretches from standard blades for metal, wood and diverse materials to specialized blades for cutting of stainless steel, insulation material, aerated concrete, and plasterboard. This allows you to choose from a variety of price classes for custom-tailored saw blades, as well as offering good all-around solutions for your reciprocating saws.

Table circular saws

The standard for mobility: Circular saws from Metabo

The TS 216 and TS 254 mobile circular saws with integrated stand are extremely lightweight and can be set up or packed away in a matter of seconds. The core of the specially developed mobility concept is the stand with wheels, which is completely integrated in the housing. Thanks to their compact design, the circular saws can be stored in very little space, can be lifted out of the car with one hand, and can be carried up steps without any problems. The circular saw can be pulled to the application site on wheels thanks to the sturdy hard rubber tires. With all of these features, circular saws from Metabo sets a new standard for mobility.The circular saw stand can be unfolded in a matter of seconds into a table with an 80 cm working height. If you need to lay parquet or work in flooring, you can select a second working height close to the floor of 35.5 cm. If the lower working height is sufficient for you, you can also order the circular saw as TS 216 Floor without movable stand.

Fast and long-lasting - Circular saws from Metabo

With the powerful motors in tabletop circular saws TS 216 and TS 254, with rated voltages of 1,500 and 2,000 watts, you will be able to work quickly even at a maximum cutting height of 63 or 87 millimeters. When making 45 degree miter cuts, the tabletop circular saws achieve a cutting height of 43 or 50 millimeters. Soft start and overload protection provide the best possible safety and a long service life for the table saw's motor. Additional practical details make your work easier and increase productivity: the toolless spindle stop and the table insert, which can also be removed without tools, make it easier to exchange saw blades. The sprocket driven saw blade inclination has an adjustable undercut zone up to +/- 1.5 degrees with a special bonus: the spring-mounted, automatic reset to 0 or 45 degrees helps avoid errors in subsequent cuts and when sawing with your Metabo table saws.The TKHS models, with rated input power of up to 4,200 watt, are ideally suited for powerful sawing of square timbers, boards, panels and materials similar to wood. The height of the circularsaw blade can be infinitely adjusted from 0 to 85 mm using the smooth hand crank. The universal stop can be used as parallel guide/ripping fence and miter fence from -60° to +60°. The magnetic guide provides accurate cutting results.

Wide scope of delivery and accessories for Metabo circular saws

For the TS models, the delivery includes not only a saw blade, parallel guide, miter fence, push stick or table length extension, and table width extension, but also an extraction kit and, of course, the integrated stand. Fully equipped with these accessories, the circular saw is ready for use right away. In addition, Metabo offers you three saw blades for different applications, mobile all-purpose vacuum cleaners and roller stands for even more support surface.

Semi-stationary Tools


Semi-stationary tools from Metabo facilitate powerful sawing, planing, and grinding

With more than 30 years of experience in semi-stationary woodworking, Metabo offers woodworking professionals a wide selection of semi-stationary machines. No matter whether you are sanding, planing, or grinding: with our semi-stationary electrical tools, you can work especially quickly, precisely, and safely. Our products combine high performance and precision with a high level of robustness and a long service life. With our comprehensive selection of accessories and matching suction solutions we can offer you the optimal complete solution for any demand.

Our semi-stationary machines ensure a high level of mobility and precise sawing

Our range of semi-stationary saws ranges from compact to mobile miter saws to circular table saws, flush-mounted circular saws, and band saws, to our extremely powerful construction site saws. M-class miter saws are true lightweights, and with their compact dimensions and ergonomic carrying handles, they're ready to move to a new location any time you are. Thanks to their powerful and high-endurance lithium-ion battery packs, our cordless miter saws can be used flexibly, achieving a large number of cuts per battery charge and putting them on par with their plug-in counterparts when it comes to power. With our KS and KGS Plus models, we offer you especially powerful and versatile miter saws for exact cuts. You will also always get a good cut with circular table saws from Metabo: our mobile TS 254 and TS 216 models have a cleverly designed frame with integrated wheel set that uses patented Metabo technology to let you quickly change locations.

Made for the toughest demands on the construction site – semi-stationary machines from Metabo

With our band saws, we offer machines with maximum stability and precision for exact curved cuts. Precisely and confidently cut even longer materials to length with our flush mounted circular saws. For truly tough jobs, professionals choose construction site saws from Metabo – these robust machines are true all-around talents for challenging jobs in construction work. You will be able to keep your woodworking and beams in good shape with our planers. We offer a comprehensive selection of system and consumable accessories for all of our semi-stationary machines, which you can use to quickly and efficiently achieve perfect results. Vacuum cleaners and chip extraction accessories match your tools to keep workshops and construction sites clean and protect the health of the user.

We also offer the right semi-stationary electrical tools for metalworking:
With our metal cut-off grinders, you can cut beams, pipes, an dbars made of steel, cast iron, aluminum, or other NF metals quickly and powerfully. Metabo double grinding machines are the optimal tool fof your tool: no matter whether you need regrind chisels, scrapers, or planer blades – with our double grinding machines, we offer you the right mvdel for any task.

Water and Pump Technology

Reliably pump dry, circulate, and move water – with long-lasting water and pumping systems from Metabo

Would you like to pump sandy or muddy water out of a construction site, dry out a flooded basement, pump ground water for garden irrigation use rainwater in your household, or simply circulate pool water? With our comprehensive water and pump range, we offer you the right system for any application, including accessories. Metabo pumps are designed for safety and long service life. They are made from robust stainless steel or grey cast iron, and have especially high quality slip ring sealing systems. With our unique, XXL guarantee, you will always be on the safe side with any water and pump system from Metabo.

Water and pump systems for true professionals.

You can purchase trusted pumping technology from us for any application: our construction andwastewater submersible pumps keep going where others fail. They reliably pump even severely contaminated water with dirt particles up to 50 millimeters in diameter in quantities of up to 28,000 liters per hour. Our clear water submersible pumps are true helpers in times of need: no matter whether a flood has inundated your cellar after a strong rain, or your washing machine has overflowed – Metabo machines pump out the space reliably, quickly, and automatically - down to a water level of just two to three millimeters that can simply be swept away. Our combination submersible pumps are especially versatile, and are suited for both clear and sewage water. In manual operation, they can be used down to a water level of just one millimeter, and can also be used for low-intake jobs.

Water and pumping systems from Metabo: Providing a reliable water supply for home and garden

With our domestic water systems, you can supply your toilet, sink, washing machine, and other household devices with free rainwater or groundwater automatically, protecting the environment. Devices keep a constant water supply of up to 100 liters ready in their robust tanks. Metabo Pump Protection has a dry run protection feature to offer maximum safety for humans and machines. The filter and check valve have a compact design that is integrated into our complete system right from the start. Our domestic pressure pumps are especially intelligent and efficient: they automatically pump the required amount of water as soon as a connected tap is opened or a household device is switched on. With our robust garden pumps, deep wells, and submersible pressure pumps, you can pump ground water or irrigate your garden with rain water, allowing you to save drinking water and protect the environment. These powerful devices with multi-stage pump drives pump service water from the groundwater up to 60 meters.


For pumping out, pumping dry and recycling fresh water or waste water from construction pits, containers, tanks or flooded cellars.


Irrigation with service water from wells, cisterns and rainwater tanks in the garden. Pressure increase, pumping, pumping dry and circulation of clear water.

Domestic Water Supply

Automatically use stored rain or well water in your home and garden (e.g. toilet flushing, washing machine). Pressure increase, pumping, pumping dry and circulation of clear water.

Household water supply

Domestic water works from Metabo: High performance and long service life

Domestic water systems from Metabo are ideally suited for automatically supplying water to washing machines, dishwashers and toilet flushing systems, for garden irrigation, and for pumping groundwater. The domestic water works are ideal for pumping, pumping dry and circulation of clear water. The system is equipped to handle heat and cold: The thermal motor protection ensures that the maintenance-free capacitor motor does not overheat, the water drain plug protects from frost. Metabo's domestic water works has a particularly long service life thanks to its high-quality slip seal systems. Pump up to 9,000 liters per hour to up to 55 meters height with domestic water works from Metabo. With a delivery rate of 3,300 to 9,000 liters per hour, you can automatically supply your household with water up to 45 or 55 meters of height - depending on the domestic water works model you choose. The manometer and pressure switch are integrated in a space saving manner and stored safely in a box at the flange in all domestic water works. Except for domestic water work HWW 6000/50 Inox with its 50 liter steel tank, the HWW 900/100 G with 100 liters, and the HWW 4500/25 Inox Plus, the 24 liter tank of which is made of stainless steel, our new domestic water works all have a 24 liter steel tank. For easy installation and commissioning, Metabo offers domestic water works HWWI 3500/25 Inox and the HWWI 4500/25 Inox as complete systems. These include an integrated filter and return valve in the compact device, as well as pump protection. The washable filter protects the domestic water works from contamination, and the return valve prevents the pump from running dry when switched off. It also ensures a short restart time.

Compressed Air

A full product range: our pneumatic machines deliver competence - from professionals, for professionals

With 18 compressors and more than 60 tools, Metabo offers professionals in a wide range of trades pneumatic system solutions for countless applications. We are the only manufacturer of electrical tools to provide a complete pneumatic system for craftsmen. With our robust, powerful, and reliable machines, you will be well-equipped for any use – from pneumatic air production to preparation and distribution, to pneumatic tools. We offer a comprehensive range of accessories, as well, and reliable service including maintenance and repairs.

The most modern pneumatic technology available - Metabo pneumatic machines

No matter whether you're working in your workshop or on the construction site: our three compressor classes are equipped to handleany task. The lightweight and compact entry level models in the "Basic class" are suitable for simple commercial applications. "Power class" machines offer solid power on the construction site with maximum mobility. Because the pumps don't need to be lubricated and don't use oil, our Power compressors can be transported in any position. Due to their low weight, compact design, and balanced grip position, they are easy to move to the work site with little effort. Compressors in our "Mega class" are true power packs for the most challenging workshop applications. Especially powerful, belt-driven, and stable, they leave nothing to be desired if you need power with no compromises. No matter which compressor you choose: at Metabo, you won't get hot air, just high-power machines. Our tank guarantee even covers rusting through, and is valid for ten years.

Pneumatic machines are ergonomic and mobile tools

Professionals need powerful machines that offer flexible use, on construction sites and in the workshop. ur range of pneumatic tools fulfills these criteria, and ranges from angle grinders and drills to staple guns and paint spray guns. High quality materials make Metabo pneumatic tools especially robust and long-lasting. At the same time, our machines are easy to handle, making them perfectly suited to work in difficult to reach areas. The DW 125 Quick pneumatic angle grinder, for instance, weighs just two kilograms, but has high power and a variety of comfort functions. Painting professionals appreciate our paint spray guns, with adjustable, fine regulation of air volume and working materials, as well as fluid changeovers from round to wide spray patterns. This makes precise work even easier. Of course, we also offer the right nozzle sets and additional accessories for every paint spray gun.



Compressed air solutions for professionals: The compressors from Metabo

With various compressors of the basic, power and mega class, Metabo has a wide range of machines for generating compressed air. With this we offer the ideal solution for any application area. A wide range of accessory parts and compressed air tools also makes Metabo the only power tool manufacturer offering a complete compressed air system under one brand.

Our compressors are powerful in all areas

Professionals from different industries find modern compressed air technology for their area at Metabo. High-quality materials and perfectly synchronised components make our devices robust and reliable. The entry-level models of the basic class are suited mainly for simple commercial applications. They are particularly compact and therefore light and nimble when used. The machines of the power class are ideally equipped for applications in interior development and on the construction site. They are handy and mobile and deliver reliably compressed air for many professional applications. The instrument panels can be easily read and have, for example, a manometer for the vessel and working pressure. Particularly demanding compressed air tasks in the workshop are best handled with the compressors of Metabo's mega class. The extremely powerful compressors deliver large amounts of compressed air and are very robust. The V-belt drive with low speed gives an especially long service life to the compressors.

Power class: Oil-free and low-noise compressors

The models of the power class have tanks with a volume from five to 20 litres and are all oil-free. Since the 1.1 to 1.7 kW powerful pumps do not have to be lubricated, the compressors can be transported in any position. Moreover, the Power 400-20 W OF offers a very quiet operation and is particularly suited for continuous use in closed rooms or inhabited buildings.

No matter what compressor you settle for: At Metabo you don't get any hot air, but high-quality, powerful and durable devices. This is also guaranteed by our tank warranty against rusting, which covers 10 years. With an additional range of more than 60 compressed air tools and matching accessories for the preparation and distribution of compressed air, Metabo offers professionals an extensive range of compressed air products for numerous applications.

Vacuums and Extraction


Clean air - clean work: vacuum systems from Metabo

All sawing, grinding, or milling work creates dust and chips. To protect your health and keep your working area clean, Metabo offers a wide arrangement of extraction and vacuuming systems, including the right accessories. You will be able to find the right suction solution for your application from Metabo.

Healthy, safe work with our extraction systems

No matter whether you are dealing with low-toxicity dust like household or plaster dust (dust class L), medium toxicity dust from putty, concrete, and wood (dust class M), or highly toxic particles like mold and glass wool (dust class H) - with Metabo, you can easily and reliably extract all kinds of dust. Our vacuums are designed for professional-level applications, and are robust and powerful. Of course, they also fulfill the most current EU standards for handling all three dust classes. They also offer the best possible safety and comfort: in wet vacuuming, the automatic shutoff protects against machine defects, and when cleaning the filter, you can choose between manual and fully-automatic functions. Due to their compact construction, Metabo extraction systems are flexible enough to use anywhere, and can be conveniently utilized wherever they're needed - on the construction site, in the workshop, or to vacuum out vehicles. Clever options for storing suction hoses and nozzles, and practical working surfaces round off the ergonomic design. With suction systems from Metabo, you will be able to work cleanly and quickly anywhere, while protecting your health.

Extraction systems for Metabo electrical tools

Metabo offers professional users efficient dust suction solutions for various electrical tools: we have three extraction hoods for cutting tile, screed, or stoneware to work with our compact angle grinders, as well as hoods for grinding glues, concrete, or screed. There are also perfectly matched systems to work with our renovation grinders, drill hammers, and other electrical tools, guaranteeing effective extraction. From vacuums to hoses, adapters, tubes, nozzles, and a variety of filters, we offer you complete extraction solutions uniquely tailored to your needs from a single source.

Our chip extraction systems are used for woodworking: with a sack volume of 65 to 135 liters, they help keep your working area reliably free from chips and dust particles. They also work with low noise emissions, and a volume of just 75 db(A). Our SPA 2002 system is suitable for commercial use, and was awarded the H3 GS quality seal. Of course, we also offer perfectly matched accessories to go with all of our chip extraction systems, such as automatic switch on features, filter cartridges, hoses, and adapters.

Hedge Trimmers


Light, quiet, powerful: Metabo's hedge trimmers

Metabo hedge trimmers have been setting standards in the market for decades. With patented handle systems, robust motors, high-quality blades and excellent ergonomics. They are always the right choice for professional users. Whether mains-powered or as a cordless machine with intelligent battery pack technology: Metabo hedge trimmers are amongst the lightest machines on the market and offer maximum safety thanks to their quick stop function, torque limiting clutch and trigger guard.

More comfortable and safer working with the Metabo hedge trimmers

Carbon brushes and cables can be easily replaced, which saves you time and money. The extra large trigger guard prevents kickbacks on you and your hedge trimmer, for example when hitting walls, trunks or stones. The electronic quick blade stop offers maximum safety to the user and the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch protects also blade and gear from blocking caused by foreign objects. Metabo has also optimised the air flow of the hedge trimmers, so that the exhaust air is blown out at the bottom and not into your eyes.

The Metabo cordless hedge trimmers: Put an end to annoying cables

Every janitor, landscaping gardener or cemetery gardener is familiar with the problem of unintentionally cut cables when trimming hedges or the inconvenience causes by endless pulling of cables. Until some years ago, the alternatives were petrol-powered hedge trimmers or real heavyweights.

With the cordless hedge trimmers AHS 18-55 and the AHS 36 V from Metabo you are independent and mobile and are free to choose - depending if you work with machines of the 36 or 18 volt platform. For particularly long cuts of up to 63 centimetres, Metabo offers the AHS 36-65 V with 36 volt. All three machines offer the same performance. Especially practical: As part of the extensive 18 battery pack range from Metabo, you can combine the cordless hedge trimmer AHS 18-55 with already available battery packs and chargers. With the AHS 36 V and a 36 volt battery pack with 1.5 Ampere hours, the garden professional can work for 50 minutes without interruption.

The AHS 18-55 V manages even 80 minutes per battery charge with a 18 volt battery pack with 5.2 Ampere hours. With the quick charger ASC Ultra, the 5.2 Ah battery pack is charged in only 45 minutes. This allows you to tackle even large hedge areas far away from any socket outlet.

Measuring Technology


Precise and compact: Laser measurement tools from Metabo

With the robust and precise laser measurement tools from Metabo, professionals can work reliably in interior development. Drywall constructors, carpenters or tile layers use the precise lines for orientation, set well visible plumbing points and measure distances down to the millimetre. All laser tools can be operated without additional aids, and thus you save costs and working time.

Orientation in the entire room thanks to our precise laser measurement tools

The MLL 3-20 multi-line laser unites the advantages of a point and cross-line laser. The high-quality tool projects a 360° horizontal line as well as two vertical lines at an angle of 90° in the room. Thanks to the integrated pendulum, the laser self-levels itself in a range from ± 4°. The supplied laser goggles improves the perception of the laser markings.

The KLL 2-20 cross line laser projects a horizontal and vertical line into the room, as well as a plumbing point on the floor and ceiling. At the touch of a button the laser beams also represent the contours of a drywall. The PL 5-30 point laser projects five laser points into the room - towards the front, the sides, the ceiling as well as the floor. Multi-line, cross line and point lasers each have a base that can be extended to the height of a drywall profile and simplifies the marking of floor positions. A strong rare earth magnet, a tripod connection and metal eyelets for belts permit flexible use of the three tools.

Permit precise angles and distance measurements - The Metabo laser measurement tools

With its two laser beams, the BLL 2-15 floor line laser projects a 90° angle on the floor and is thus the right helper for floor laying jobs. The integrated spirit level permits perfect alignment even on uneven surfaces: the dual purpose base permits the use at a tile edge. With its practical design the BLL 2-15 fits perfectly in any corner and helps to check the relative accuracy of both floors and walls and their associated angles. The two taser distance measurement tools LD 60 and LD 30 are useful companions thanks to their handy pocket format and the ISO-certified measurement quality. The LD 30 measures the length, the area and the volume and shows changes in distance by virtue of the continuous measurement function. As additional function, the LD 60 permits the calculation of small sections. Metabo offers matching system accessories for its laser measurement tools, for example telescopic supports, geared column tripods and compound slides for the fine adjustment of the tool position.